Content Roll Unit for Publishers

The key for publishers to start earning with video advertising.

Video advertising is one of the most growing categories in digital marketing. Based on Emarketer data predictions, video advertising is showing 28% growth this year. In 2017 – 2018 it will keep growing by 19%.
Today, publishers are looking for effective ways to maximize revenue from their sites, using standard video format such as Pre-Roll. This is an effective way for those, who have video content or video block on their site, but at the same time, it’s not a useful format for the whole website.
As a result, your income, as the publisher, decreases because of lack of video inventory on the site.
Let’s see how you can use the content roll to enhance your revenue, as a publisher.

What is content roll?

This is a video format (out-stream format), which appears on web pages when a user is scrolling a page. Thus, providing high viewability of the ad. This is the ideal way to gain more video inventory on your websites.
The key advantage for publishers is that you can implement this format on all the pages. It can be placed on news, chat, streaming, weather or another page of your site.
The idea for the publisher is to make more from placing video advertising on the whole site, but not just on pages where you have video content. Content roll implementation on your website is easy. It’s just a JS code, provided by an advertiser, and all you need is to implement it on your website, as a standard JS code for banners.

Learn on our site how content roll can be displayed on your website:

We offer following advantages for publishers, who use our content roll:

  • eCPM up to 10$
  • 90 – 100% Fill Rate
  • Video unit folds after the playing
  • With or without sound

If you’re interested in making more money out of your video advertisement, be sure you can do it with Mediawayss. Our technology is a key for you to earn more with your websites.