In Image for Publishers

Mediawayss In-Image Ads is a technology that helps publishers to boost their revenue by optimizing inventory's viewability and maximizing touch points with the audience. Located natively in pictures and videos, these ads create the best connection with your users, providing higher CPM rates and your inventory's performance. Technology provides strict targeting for each specific site and exposes only content-integrated brand safe ads.

  • New ad inventory and revenue on your site
  • Easy integration using standard JS tag
  • Content integrated ads for each specific site
New Revenue
Content Integrated Ads
Higher eCPM
Individual site settings

In Image for Advertisers

Mediawayss In-Image Technology is an ideal solution for advertisers to reach the target market and increase your campaigns' performance, by placing your ads as close as possible to the center of users' attention. In-Image technology uses its own algorithms and analyzes each page of a website to choose the best place for your ads to be displayed. Thus, providing a higher index of CTR, users' engagement and campaigns' performance than the average one in the industry.

  • Viewable inventory for your campaigns with average view rate 81%
  • Image and Video formats
  • Direct access to the brand safe inventory for your campaigns
High CTR
81% average viewability
Image and Video formats
Brand Safe Inventory

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