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Our Platforms

Smart, and effective advertising and monetization

We have been working to build two own platforms names SSP Mediawayss, and AnyPops offering relevant real time services for smart optimization for both publishers, and advertisers, high level targeting solutions for ROI increasing results. Our platform is integrated with Forensiq, The Media Trust, Google Brand Safe providing brand safe engines for quality advertisers, and publishers.

Display Advertising

Mediawayss Supply Side Platform is an innovative solution for display advertising based on RTB technology provides smart integration for publishers with high coverage for their inventory. Mediawayss SSP is trusted inventory provider for our demand partners offering brand safe inventory in 193 countries using IAB display advertising formats.

  • Global supply partner with over 120 000 000 impressions per day for RTB, and direct partners
  • Audience verified by Forensiq
  • Full mix of IAB ad formats with 100% coverage for supply partners
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Mobile Advertising

Get more from your mobile traffic using mix of tools for reaching full coverage for your inventory with mobile-friendly formats, and real time reporting. Mediawayss SSP provides multiple targeting solutions for advertisers to run their business on the quality sources to have control under each mobile impression.

  • 9 mobile ad formats integrated with over than 30 demand partners
  • Reach TOP mobile advertisers, and publishers on one platform
  • Highly performed ad formats, special solutions for in app traffic
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Video Advertising

Mediawayss SSP offering smart, effective, and brand safe video solution for supply, and demand partners. Run, increase, and get more from your video inventory using our video formats which provide high fill rate video demand in all counties with easy integration on your sites, or apps just in some clicks. Viewable, brand safe inventory from top ranks web sources for advertisers.

  • Up to 100% fill rate campaigns for video publishers
  • Top listed video publishers
  • 4 video formats (learn more here)
  • Own, unique Video Widget with legal video content for direct publishers (learn more here)
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Native advertising

Native Advertising the most growing, and popular format is available for partners on SSP Mediawayss. Native advertising is a gold coin for direct partners to increase advertising engagement on the quality audience running their creatives integrated into publisher content. SSP Mediawayss offering wide range of responsive, brand safe native formats such as: content recommendation widget, in image ads, video native ads and in stream native ads.

  • Responsive, Multi Screen native formats for partners
  • High additional income for publishers
  • High engagement for advertisers
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Rich Media

Rich Media ad formats the most powerful option for advertising partners to increase their brand engagement, and campaign viewability. SSP Mediawayss offering easy integration, and customize Rich Media formats for direct publishers for increasing site revenue using this innovative, and branding ad format running it amount video, mobile, and display inventory.

  • Display, Mobile, Video Rich Media formats
  • Easy integration for direct publishers
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POP Under Advertising

Learn how AnyPops self-served pop under platform helps to increase your business using pop under ad format on the global scale. Anypops offering for advertisers powerful targeting, quality audience verified by Forensiq, self-served solution for optimization your results in the real time. Publishers discover how to improve their income from advertising on their sites using global pop under demand, brand safe offer checked via The Media Trust, malware protection.

  • 700+ targeting options for advertisers including popular targeting by browser, OS, operation system, mobile carrier or site language
  • Creatives verified by The Media Trust, Malware protection
  • Get the most from you pop under traffic running top performing offers globally
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