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Who we are

Mediawayss is a fast growing, and innovative technological, and advertising company.

We build advertising services which makes advertising, and traffic monetization effective. Today, our company operates by own advertising platforms for partners in 193 countries offering quality advertising, and monetization globally. We always looking for talented managers, developers who is interesting in our business.

Career Opportunities


  • Successful experience in video media buying.
  • Understanding video formats such as content roll, pre rolls, middle roll, post roll, video in banner, video slider.
  • Aware about the most popular video DSP, SSP, RTB, and other platforms. Knowledge, and practical experience about the video advertising business, specific ad operation demands.


  • 2 years’ experience in media buying.
  • Understanding of digital marketing market: SSP, RTB, DSP, advertising network, media agency, programmatic advertising, CTR, CPC, CPM, CPI, CPL, CPA.
  • Media buying experience in the spheres of mobile, display, native, pop under, clickunder, video advertising.

Middle PHP Developer

  • 2+ years development experience
  • Professional knowledge of PHP5.3+ (experience of working with Zend Framework/Zend Expressive is a plus).
  • Good OOP skills.
  • Experience of working with version control systems (GIT).
  • Experience of working with RDBMS MySQL 5.5+ (experience of working with NoSQL is a plus)

Middle JavaScript Developer

  • Proficient knowledge of vanilla JavaScript and related techniques:
  • prototyping and class/object building,
  • asynchronous processing and event handling,
  • advanced DOM manipulation.

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