Does Legal Video Content be a Challenge For Publishers?

In the world of the digital marketing, video monetization becomes the challenge for publishers.
It’s a permanently growing niche where advertisers, the biggest video clients, platforms, DSPs, SSPs tend to look for more video inventory and face the lack of having enough of it.
On the other hand, publishers are limited by only in-stream pre-roll video inventory on their sites or even more, publishers can’t provide even this inventory for the market.
As a result, publishers are looking for ways to generate video inventory and start making money on it, but getting legal video content is a real challenge for them.

3 reasons why publishers lack having a legal video content on their sites:

  1. Buying legal video is expensive. If you are not a big media holding, it is expensive for you to buy the legal video for your websites from external sellers.
  2. Hard for own production. Video production needs to have a good creative team and content materials; as a result, it’s not cheaper than to buy the video.
  3. No customized videos for your site content. It’s hard to get a legal video, which can be really easy integrated into your publisher’s content and looks like a part of your site.

As a result, publishers are out of playing in video market because of lack of their video inventory. This tends to decrease their online revenues in this growing market.
Let’s see what we can offer for publishers who are going to generate more revenue and start working with video monetization.

Video Widget with legal video content – is the key to start making revenue from your websites.

Mediawayss Video Widget – is a free video player with legal video content for publishers, which can be placed on any page of a site.
It’s easily integrated solution, which can be customized and modified for your site demands and content.
This is one solution which has 3 options for publishers:

  • Video Player
  • Legal Video Content
  • Video Customization for your site content

What advantages we are offering for publishers using our Video Widget?

  • eCPM up to 10$, Fill rate up to 95%
  • Easily integrated into publisher’s content
  • New Ad Inventory on your site
  • Branded, customized content
  • Additional revenue
  • Content categories including news, sport, gaming, entertaining, movies, travel, food, fashion and other 40+ categories which are free for publishers.